Our Committees


Disability Committee

We strive to reduce and remove barriers to participation in all community events for women and girls with disabilities.  We are creating opportunities for women and girls with disabilities to build esteem and confidence, and we are increasing access to support and resources for these groups, particularly adolescents.

Domestic & Sexual Violence Prevention Committee

We seek to prevent intimate partner and sexual violence against women and girls by promoting healthy relationships and increasing awareness of our community resources.  We are building a social media presence to create awareness of intervention resources and a dialogue regarding healthy/unhealthy behaviors, and we are developing healthy relationship training programs for certain groups, particularly adolescents.

Education Committee

We create access to better educational opportunities for women and girls.  We are developing opportunities, workshops and trainings to elevate the importance of education for women and girls with a special focus on ethical leadership.  

Employment Committee

We connect, inform and empower women and girls to fulfill their highest potential in the workplace. Independently and in collaboration with other organizations, we are increasing awareness of local employment data, policies and employment issues, and we are improving the availability of employment resources and tools for women and girls


We empower women and girls with the proper leadership skills, etiquette, manners, confidence, self-esteem, integrity and strength of character to be their authentic selves.  To that end, we are developing training manuals and programs for use in Loudoun County regarding workplace, social and internet etiquette, and we are recruiting speakers, trainers and advisers and collaborating with other leadership and etiquette organizations

Human Trafficking Committee

We educate and empower our community to understand, recognize and report human trafficking. We collaborate with schools, law enforcement and the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative to achieve our mission.

STEM/STEAM Committee

We seek to increase the interest, employment and retention of women and girls in STEM/STEAM fields. We are encouraging women and girls to explore STEM/STEAM by developing high and low-tech events and programs, we are engaging women and girls through competitions, awards, workshops, internships and other events, and we are empowering women and girls through teacher training, hands-on workshops and internships.